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Fa-check One platform from start to finish
Fa-check Blended learning greatly improves training results
Fa-check Virtual labs for learning anywhere, anytime
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What is Aziksa?
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    Aziksa is a strategic training platform developed from the ground-up so you can to deliver state-of-the-art training programs to your customers, partners and employees.
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    Managers can improve training results, streamline programs and reduce implementation costs.
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    Customers can browse and purchase their classes from your training center.
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    Partners can easily leverage their instructional excellence and subject matter experts..
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    Employees can self-register, connect to classrooms to attend virtual ILT and launch labs on their computer systems to perform their exercises.
How does it work?
Aziksa offers you a cloud-based blended learning system with an integrated platform for end-to-end training delivery and hands-on exercises.
Cloud2 Cloud platform with SaaS model on Amazon AWS
Gradcap Sound pedagogy based on mastery learning
Globe Instructors can reach a global audience
Video Training videos are available via the Internet
Flask Cloud-based, personalized 24/7 labs
Plant Live virtual classes
Cogs Course management tools

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