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This course will begin with the big data motivation and explaining all the components in Hadoop including Hadoop cluster and distributed file systems. How to use HDFS distributed storage....    Learn More
Hive, allows SQL developers to write Hive Query Language (HQL) statements that are similar to SQL statements; For anyone with a SQL or relational database background, this section will lo...    Learn More
Pig was initially developed to allow people using Hadoop to focus more on analyzing large data sets and spend less time having to write mapper and reducer programs. The Pig programming la...    Learn More
Hadoop is a framework to solve for large data processing. It is helping businesses to answer relevant business question by looking into the data they could not process earlier. This train...    Learn More
This one-day course provides a technical overview of Apache Hadoop for decision makers and business users. You will get a deeper and practical understanding of Hadoop™ using real world us...    Learn More

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